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High-Efficient A/C


Your best bet when planning to replace an old Air condition is to invest in a high-efficiency model.

“High-efficiency” isn’t just a sales buzzword. It is the ideal standard for the best cooling systems for homes and offices today.

What Exactly Is High-Efficiency?

A high efficiency air conditioner is a modern system designed to improve performance and standard of energy efficiency.

The “efficiency” of any cooling system is determined by the SEER ratings.

The SEER is a measurement used to discern efficient air conditioners from the less-efficient ones.

The higher the SEER rating of your system, the more efficient it is deemed.

An air conditioner model with a rating of above 14.5 is considered efficient and qualifies for the Energy Star Label.

What are the Perks of a High-Efficiency Air Conditioner?

While a high efficiency cooling system may cost more upfront than other models, it comes with several benefits, including:

Improved performance

High efficiency air conditions outperform low-efficiency models in all aspects. It offers more cooling output to make your home more comfortable.

If your current cooling system doesn’t cover all parts of your home, then it may be just about time to consider getting a high efficiency HVAC air condition.

It also comes with amazing features that allow you to get more cooling versus energy consumed.

It Saves You Money

Not only do high efficiency air conditioners outperform other models, but they also consume less energy when compared.

This means you will save money monthly on your energy bills.

Consequently, the higher the SEER rating of the air conditioner, the lower the energy cost would be.

The amount you save can be a few cents on every dollar spent on energy, but it adds up quickly to a considerable amount over time.

Many homeowners and businesses who switched to the high efficient air condition found out that they save hundreds of dollar on energy.

Longer Operating Life

High-efficiency air conditioners have a better mechanism than less efficient models.

The components of the system are modern and well fine-tuned. They are built to minimize cost and maximize efficiency.

If you are tired of continuous air condition repairs, then you should get a new HVAC high efficient cooling system.

They typically require fewer repairs and have a longer operating life.

Additionally, high efficient air conditioners use new standard refrigerants, which are very environmental-friendly.

The Comfort of Silence

Another benefit of high efficiency AC models is the ‘silence’ it offers.

The systems are built both in and out to reduce unnecessary noise in your home.

The compressors, fan, and other components are strategically placed to prevent noise even when the AC ages.

Also, it comes with inbuilt sound dampening, which reduces background noise to the barest minimum.

Federal Tax Credit

You enjoy federal tax credit when you purchase a high efficiency cooling system.

The government tax credit is for those who install Energy Star high-efficiency air conditioners.

The tax credit can be used to upset the difference in price between the cost of a highly efficient system and a low efficient model.

The minimum SEER rating required to qualify for a federal tax credit is 16.

Why You Need High Efficiency Air Conditioner

Not only does a high efficiency AC reduce the amount you spend, but it also comes with several features that improve your comfort. These include:

Programmable settings

Modern air conditioners typically have digital displays that allow you to schedule its operation even when you are not around.

High efficient air conditions have even more advanced settings.

You can set the exact time for the AC to turn off or reduce the temperature in your home.

Energy-saving setting

High efficiency HVAC systems are built to save money on energy. The energy saving feature allows you to save even more.

The feature can conserve energy by switching off the compressor while keeping the fans running when your space has cooled off.

Wi-Fi-enabled System

You will get an array of smart features and energy-saving possibilities when you purchase a high-efficiency unit.

Most models have a Wi-Fi-enabled featured that simplifies its operation.

You can connect the digital AC thermostat to your Smartphone to allow you to make whatever adjustments you want to the temperature of the air conditioner.

What to look out for when buying a High Efficiency system

The Right Size for Your Space

Size is an essential consideration when choosing the right air conditioner.

You don’t want the unit to be too large as that will make the air within your home damp and clammy.

A small air conditioner unit, on the other hand, will not cool the air fast enough. It will have to work overtime, resulting in a high energy bill.

You should check the Energy Star BTU chart to know the size model that is ideal for your space.

High SEER and EER ratings

The ‘Seasonal energy efficiency rating’ (SEER) ratings of an air conditioner is a measure of its efficiency.

AC units with SEER ratings of 14.5 and above are considered efficient.

It is also imperative to check the ‘energy efficiency rating’ EER of the air conditioner.

ENERGY STAR Certification

The blue ENERGY STAR® certification is the stamp of efficiency on an air conditioner.

It indicates that the particular air conditioner qualifies as a high efficiency unit.

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