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High-Efficient Heating Systems

If you feel you are spending so much for heat, then you are not alone.

Homeowners are struggling to expend less to keep their home warm and comfortable.

However, the system of air furnace today is different from those installed years back. Technological advancements allow high-efficiency heating equipment to extract more heat out of gas or energy.

Newer models of furnace burn fuel efficiently and require minimal electric power to supply heat to your home or office.

What is High Efficiency?

The efficiency of heating equipment is measured by the amount of heat it can produce compared to the cost of energy it consumes.

The more heat it can produce with lower energy, the more efficient it is deemed.

High Efficiency Gas Furnace

The efficiency of a gas furnace is measured by the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). The AFUE is a percentage based rating.

And as such, if a furnace has an AFUE of 75%, it means that only 75% of energy in the fossil fuel is converted to heat, while the remaining 25% is wasted.

To qualify as “high efficiency”, a furnace model must have an AFUE percentage of 90% and above.

The higher the percentage of a model, the higher the percentage of fossil fuel it converts to heat.

High efficiency Electric furnace

Unlike the gas furnace, electric heating equipment doesn’t lose much heat and have higher energy versus heat rate. Typically, an electric heater has an AFUE score of 95% – 100%.

However, electricity is more expensive than gas, and thus, the little gap can cost homeowners a lot of energy dollars.

This makes high-efficiency heat pumps with maximum AFUE percentage a necessity.

A high-efficiency furnace can Save you money

Just like high efficiency air conditioners, high efficiency furnace can significantly reduce your heating bills and save you money on energy.

Switching to a new furnace with a high AFUE model can mean that all your energy is effectively converted to heat your home.

The result would be a reduction in your monthly energy bill.

The more efficiency you can squeeze out of the heating equipment, the more money you will save.

What makes high-efficiency furnace so efficient?

Here are the features that make high-efficiency heating equipment “highly efficient.”


Electric ignition

Modern high-efficiency heating equipment comes with electronic ignition, which helps reduce the amount of energy consumed by keeping the flame small at all times.

Two-stage heating

This is another energy saving feature of a high-efficiency furnace. The first stage of heating consumes less energy to produce heat.

The second stage only kicks starts when the temperature becomes freezing. It produces more heat to keep your home warm within the period.

Sealed combustion

While older models have unsealed combustion which pumps air from the heated room; sealed combustion which comes with high-efficiency air conditioners draw air from outside to conserve energy.

The furnace available today is more efficient than older models.

So, if your old furnace stopped working or you are spending so much on it and need a new one, then it’s best to get a new high-efficiency furnace.

Heating Repairs

Our team of service technicians specialize in; Servicing Wall & Floor Furnaces, Gravity Furnaces, Forced Air Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Ductless Systems.

Do You Need Help To Maintaining Your Current System?

Our Technicians will find any problems, eliminating wasted time, having repairs done in 1 days. We strive for the best service possible with minimal inconvenience. No matter what type of system you decide is right for your home. You can count on us to ensure that it is properly installed and well maintained.

Maintaining Your Furnace

It’s important in maintaining your heating furnace by regularly changing your systems filter, to ensure that the air flow intake is not restricted, making it easier for the furnace to operate and work efficiency. Some of the reasons that furnaces start to fail is do to dust, dirt, debris and other small particles that tend to get clustered/compacted in the system.

Protect Your Investment

Replacing a furnace is costly and a headache, especially when winter is around the corner. Having a professional technician once per year will ensure the prolonging of your heating furnace. Why spend money and time, if it can be avoided.

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