why is my rv air conditioner dripping water inside

Understanding the Problem: why is my rv air conditioner dripping water inside?

Problem identification

If water is dripping inside your RV from the air conditioner, it is extremely important to address the problem immediately. This problem can arise for a variety of reasons, from minor issues to potentially significant concerns.

Clogged drain line

A common cause of water leaks is a clogged drain line. Over time, dirt, debris, and algae can build up in drain lines, blocking the flow of water. As a result, water can back up and drip inside your RV.

Poor insulation

In some cases, insufficient insulation around air conditioner components can create condensation. When warm air from inside the RV comes in contact with the cold surface of the air conditioner, condensation occurs. Without proper insulation to contain this moisture, it can drip into the RV. If you need RV AC repair service, then go here: RV air conditioner repair near me.

Improper installation

Improper installation of air conditioning units can also contribute to water leakage problems. If the unit is not level or securely mounted, it may not drain properly, causing water to pool and leak inside the RV.

damaged material

Water leakage can also result from damage to key components such as the condensate pan or evaporator coil. Cracks, rust, or other types of deterioration can compromise the unit’s ability to collect and drain condensate effectively.


To solve the problem of water getting inside your RV from the air conditioner, consider the following steps:

Inspect the drain line: Check the drain line for signs of blockage or obstruction. Use a wet/dry vacuum or pipe cleaner to remove any debris that may clog it.

Clean the unit: Clean the air conditioner unit regularly to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating. This includes cleaning the condensate pan, evaporator coil, and surrounding components.

Check insulation: Make sure the air conditioner unit is adequately insulated to prevent condensation from forming. Replace any worn or damaged insulation as needed.

Check Installation: Double-check to make sure the installation of the air conditioner unit is level and securely mounted. Make any necessary adjustments to improve drainage and prevent water leakage.

Repair or replace damaged components: If any components are damaged or deteriorated, repair or replace them immediately to restore unit performance and prevent further water leakage.


Water dripping inside your RV from the air conditioner can be a frustrating and potentially harmful problem. By understanding the potential causes and taking proactive steps to address them, you can prevent water damage and ensure your RV stays comfortable and dry. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs are key to keeping your air conditioner working efficiently and effectively.

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